MerriBeth Adams, Ph.D.

MerriBeth Adams has more than 40 years of experience in clinical research and regulatory/governmental affairs in academic and private sectors as well as nonprofit organizations. As senior vice president of CATO SMS and senior vice president of regulatory affairs, Adams has overall responsibility for regulatory affairs and consulting activities on a global basis.

Her experience includes medical device, pharmaceutical development, and biologics development activities with numerous large pharmaceutical companies and startups in the areas of healthcare information and virtual assisted care. More recently, Adams was the director of research for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in New Jersey, heading one of the first mobile on-demand treatment programs in the country. Adams is the past chief operating officer/vice president of regulatory and clinical research for Advanced ImmuniT and Peptide T Holdings, and she has served as chief regulatory officer for numerous medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Her previous management positions include heading regulatory, clinical, and quality at the following companies: Baxter Pandex, Amersham, GD Searle, and Squibb Diagnostics as well as chief regulatory officer for RAPID Pharmaceuticals, vice president of regulatory strategy and agency relations for PULSER and AdviseClinical.

She is coinventor of global patents for the treatment of cytokine-mediated inflammatory diseases, immediate early gene expression, and potential therapies to treat allostatic stress. Adams has been able to apply the allostatic stress and inflammatory cytokine work to multiple indications in the central nervous system therapeutic area. Adams holds undergraduate degrees and licenses in laboratory and nuclear medicine, as well as graduate degrees in healthcare administration. She has numerous publications in regulatory/clinical trials research.

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